Departmental Academic Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion and Tenure (DAARPT)

Appointments, Reappointments, Promotion and Tenure – Academic Faculty

Resources for Academic Appointment, Re-Appointment, Promotion and Tenure can be found in following place. The Department of Family Practice strongly encourages candidates to review all resources before compiling their files. The SAC Guide is an important document for candidates to review.


In the year ahead of review, we recommend you first meet with the Department Head, and then Chair of the SPROT committee. This will allow for feedback and revision of your documents before the SPROT and DAARPT committees review.

Please review the following:

  1. The Faculty Collective Agreement 
  2. MedNet’s Promotion & Tenure for Candidates
  3. SAC Guide and UBC Promotion & Tenure Information
  4. Peer Review of Teaching Tools

Document Submission

Required documents must be submitted to the Manager, Human Resources ( by July 1 of the review year:

  • CV in UBC Format 
  • Teaching Dossier
  • Teaching Evaluations (student and peer)
  • Referees List – four (4) to six (6) arm’s length referees’ the department may contact as per 5.5. Referees in the SAC Guide and Letters of Reference Chart (do not contact them ahead of time).